Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2016


SARTRE is said to have uttered once: Hell, this is what we are. And for friend SCHOPENHAUER the world is hell in general.
This has proven true "most beautifully". The fact that this problem is played down in satirical broadcast  in t.v., is not only as far I'm concerned, simply inappropriate. I cannot laugh about this.
Not wanting to realize a problem is due to human laziness, which is a kind of cowardliness, but also to a certain longing for harmony, we all have more or less or rather we suffer from.
Nevertheless, one has got to face problems, otherwise the problem overpowers us. And no man of reason wants to become a victim.
Consequently, there has to be a correction of the actual political course. The way Mr. Seehofer seems to solve the problem is to me a practicable and possible solution. Unfortunately, I can't elect the CSU in Baden-Württemberg.
There are many defects and grievances not only in my country, which requires that action has to be taken soon, unless it isn't to late already.
Not praying and singing pious songs or unctuous and futile words is what we need, but action and the will to fight problems.
Plenty of questions remain unanswered: Why  is such a person allowed to stay that long in our country?-Why are about 550 of that kind in our country?-Why did authorities of Italy (not the Italians) release him and let him go? And there are many more questions to be put!
President elect D. TRUMP uses often harsh words, but in the core of the matter he's more than right. Naturally, it's often not popular to say the right thing and use hard words. But there's a German proverb telling us that on a rough block there's to be put a rude wedge. The intolerant, dishonest and not objective way he's often attacked by those who claim for themselves to be "apostles of tolerance", is not adequate and gives evidence for bad manners. Mr. TRUMP has been elected by the majority of the citizens of the United States of America, and this has got to be respected! Everyone has the right to have his say on politics, but in an educated way, isn't that so?

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